Sunday, September 04, 2011

Here's a nifty, sad thing.

A fellow named Curtis Eller, who calls himself a banjo-playing punk yodeller, or something like that, released a song a few years back about the Hartford Circus Fire. I’m late to the party, but that’s because I only just got my invite. Curtis the Man hisself sent an e-mail to those of us in a Facebook group dedicated to the circus fire.

An angry yodelling banjo player
On Curtis’s website, some unidentified scribbler writes in first person that Eller’s band American Circus “plays more waltzes than any band I know, though no one ever feels like dancing.” That’s probably because the songs are all grim and sad, having to do with John Wilkes Booth and Richard Nixon and the Triangle Shirt Factory fire and a burning circus tent.

I love sad walzes.

My favorite part of Curtis’s circus-fire song is the line about how “the ashes still stick to our shoes.” That’s some good gritty realism.

And except for the nightmares and the coughing 
It’s like the circus never passed through
Enjoy your own sad turn…


SuePru said...

Cool song. Love the slow waltz, anyone who's done it knows it's a great quad and calf workout. Heard a Three Dog Night song today and thought of you. Remember THE SHOW MUST GO ON? Fun song.

Downs said...

Ah! The Show Must Go On ... yes, excellent. That's another one for the book soundtrack!