Saturday, April 11, 2009

HimPlus17 and the Art of Blogging

Those of you who have read this blog regularly know that there is no such thing as reading this blog regularly. My posts are irregular, sometimes frequent and sometimes not. There's neither rhyme nor reason to what I post here. I just write whatever strikes my fancy whenever my fancy is struck.

It's no way to run a blog. I know this.

I'm doing much better on a new effort over at

HimPlus17 is a blog I'm writing jointly with my wife, Sheri Venema. She's 17 years older than me. Always has been (except for a couple of months each year when she's only 16 years older). And we've been married nearly 16 years. We're trying to do a much better job with that blog than I've done with The Greatest Show. We post at least once a week, and we try to invite readers to participate now and then as good blogs do.

But mostly, we're writing about the phenomenon of the Older Woman/Younger Man dynamic, the truths and falsehoods behind the Cougar craze, and what it's like for an Older Woman/Younger Man to age together. We're revealing things we sometimes haven't even told each other. Some day, we plan to explore these ideas and scenes and experiences even more fully in essays, and maybe (no promises) put them in a book.

In the meantime, though you're invited to peek into our marriage. Follow us. Leave a message in the comments.

And don't think I'm giving up on The Greatest Show. It will remain the same idiosyncratic mix of information, musings and confusions, posted at irregular intervals ...


man of few words said...

Dude. Your "rug" is still in my "basement"... if you know what I'm talking about.

man of few words said...

Dude. My "blogger" account may or may "not" be working properly.

Downs said...

Man of Few Words.
You keep my "rug" out of this.
Is that any way to talk to your uncle?
I think a Philly trip is in order.

man of few words said...

On another note... You're definitely one lucky man. I'd be dead if I wrote a blog comparing my wife to Ruth Gordon (even if only in a movie review).

Downs said...

Well, the wyf here is pretty special. But I'd never ever ever compare her, say, to the Golden State Warriors. Or Don Nelson.

man of few words said...

why not? those guys are RAD!